watch these videos and answer the questions below 1

USE Chap. 7, Pt. 2 handout as a reference for the six party systems


Video #1 – How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump:

Q1. Discuss two developments during the Third Party System (1856-1892), one related to slavery and one related to business.

Q2. Discuss two developments during the Fifth Party System (1932-1968), one related to the economy and one related to civil rights.

Q3. What issue arose in the Sixth Party System (1968 to present) that allowed Trump to win the Republican presidential nomination?

Video # 2 – From white supremacy to Barack Obama:

Q1. What is one way the election of 1828 in the Second Party System and Andrew Jackson’s presidency changed the Democratic Party?

Q2. What policies did President Woodrow Wilson adopt after winning the election of 1912 which changed the Democratic Party? (Fourth Party System)

Q3. How did the President Lyndon Johnson’s signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the Fifth Party System change the Democratic Party and pave the way for the election of the first African-American president Barack Obama in 2008?

Video # 3 – Why is the U.S. So Polarized?

What are three causes of polarization?

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