Walden University WK1 Professional Problem Solving Skills Reflective Paper

Business Finance

To complete the Professional Reflection Assignment, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

  • Summarize the three most important items that you learned from your Discussion about management styles, including
  • o Why you think these three items stood out for you.

    o How you will apply these three items to your work as a Manager.

  • Evaluate what you think are the most important considerations in determining what management style will be most effective and when to apply it, including:
  • o Your assessment of how important the context of a situation is when it comes to employing a particular management style.

    o Your assessment of how your own strengths and weaknesses (that you learned about last week) impact your ability to employ the various types of management styles. Be specific and provide examples.

  • In taking the abbreviated Personality Test and reading about the various personalities and personality indicators—especially your own preferences— reflect on and analyze what you learned about yourself, including:
  • o Your assessment of how you think your results align with what you already know about yourself. What surprised you? Select at least four personality types that differ from your own and compare your style to each.

    o Formulate a specific strategy for working with and managing each of the types of personalities that you selected.

    o Summarize what you have learned about how understanding personality style preferences can help you interact with others.

    o How you will use what you learned about your own preferences and others’ preferences to be a more effective manager.

    Be sure to support your Professional Reflection using this week’s readings or other credible and relevant sourceS.

    General Guidance: Aside from your 5-Minute Pitch in Week 1, your Professional Reflection submissions will typically be 2–4 pages in length. Remember to add these pages as a new section to your ongoing Professional Reflection Word document.


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