Virtual Field Trip – CWE

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We are going on a virtual field trip as a Class!
1. Each class member will visit the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) found in the University of Phoenix Library. Under the Writing Resources, select the “Tutorials & Guides” link and begin your exploration. Identify two (2) resources that you found useful.
2. Describe, in detail (300- to 750-words), what those resources are and how they will be beneficial to you in this week’s assignment as well as future assignments.
3. Post your findings in the Virtual Field Trip Link posted here. (Do not attach it as a word document but place your response in the body of the message).
4. Discuss your findings with your classmates. 50% of your grade will be based on your initial post (#2) and 50% will be based on your discussion with your fellow classmates. To earn a full 50% for participation, post a minimum of 2 discussion posts in addition to your initial findings post.

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