UNCP International Strategic Management And Business Marketing

Business Finance

For each one of the questions below, write your response to the question. Your answer must be substantive, relevant, and well written.

A.) Questions for Video # 1 – What is Strategic Planning

  1. What is Strategic Planning

2. What are the 4 elements presented by Ms. Erica Olsen

3. Discuss in at least one paragraph what these elements are and why they are important to strategic planning

B.) Questions for Video # 2 – International Strategic Management

  1. Strategic Management – What is it?
  2. Why do managers adopt strategic management?
  3. What are the 3 types of strategies
  4. Distinguish between the three (3) strategies – multi-domestic strategy, mega national strategy, transnational strategy

C.) Questions for Video # 3 – Components of Strategy

  1. Name the two forces of the model
  2. Describe and discuss the two forces
  3. Discuss the Bartlett and Ghoshal matrix
  4. Global Strategy – What is it? – one example company
  5. Transnational strategy – What is it? – one example company
  6. International Strategy – What is it? – one example company
  7. Multi-Domestic Strategy -What is it? – one example company

Here are the videos – Please view and answer the questions above.

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