UCM AT&T Company Strategic Management Research

Business Finance

My company is AT@T.

I attached the dividend yield for AT@T and the ATT competitors.

Attached My USC Leadership Quiz results as well.

Below are the instructions and topics:

You will be researching any publicly traded income (dividend paying) company of your choice; however, the company cannot be the same as your group presentation companies.You will prepare an individual twelve-page (really only 6) research paper to be submitted as a properly formatted APA written analysis.The written analysis will be Microsoft Word format submitted via Campus Web to the “Turnitin” originality software program.You are expected to use critical and analytical thinking when conducting your research.

You will perform a brief financial analysis comparing the market cap and dividend yield of your company and two of its income (dividend paying) competitors.You will also apply your own personal leadership style behaviors from the USC Leadership Quiz to impact the future direction of the company.Finally, you will research any one of the topics presented below and applying it to your chosen company using a brief case study.

You may also research this company’s partnerships with other companies.In conducting the analyses, you should cite a minimum of five primary sources within your text while also properly listing them on the references page.

  • Research Topics

  • CEO’s and their “C-Suite” Teams – Roles, Responsibilities, Challenges, Collins Level 5
  • PESTEL – Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Environmental, Legal
  • VRINE – Valuable, Rare, Inimitable, Non-substitutable, Exploitable
  • Porters Five Forces – Supplier, Buyer, New Entrant, Substitute, Rivalry – Competition
  • Results Pyramid – Experiences, Beliefs, Actions, Results
  • Blue Ocean – Four Actions Framework: Reduce, Eliminate, Create, Raise
  • Koestenbaum Diamond – Ethics, Vision, Courage, Reality = Greatness
  • Leadership – Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Objectives, Results, Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy Diamond – Arenas, vehicles, differentiators, staging and pacing, economic logic
  • Porters Positioning Model – Economic Logic vs Scope of Arenas
  • Marketing – Example Four Ps – But can be any Marketing Topics
  • Human Resources – Competition, Compensation, Legislation, Employee Relations
  • Value Chain – Support Activities vs Primary Activities
  • Internal Analysis – Resources, Capabilities, Competences
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Benefits, Challenges, Managing through the Process
  • Corporate Governance – Ethics at the Boardroom Level
  • Stakeholder Analysis – Identify Allies and Opponents; Internal and External
  • Financial Analysis – Income/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow Statement/Ratios
  • Student May Also Propose Another Topic to Dr. Martin for Approval

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