The Gilgamesh

The essay must be three pages long and then add a separate page for the works cited. It is supposed to be about the Gilgamesh, make sure it is not written like a book report. It must be written like a literary analysis so we are only supposed to talk about what we think about a certain aspect from the story. You must use at least three sources. The first source will be the Gilgamesh. The second source must be from among our Week 1-8 reading list which is The Poetry of Sappho’s, Catullus’s poems, Tang Dynasty poetry, Petrarch’s Poems, The Odyssey, The Antigone, The Apology of Socrates, or Beowulf. The third source may be something else–a book or story or poem of your own choosing, a film or television program, even a video game. Whatever you use for that third source, it must be something you can fully and properly document on your works cited page.

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