teams you have been a part of in which social loafing was a problem

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Write from experiences and opinion

a) Think of teams you have been a part of in which social loafing was a problem. What do you think caused social loafing? What was done or could have been done to decrease social loafing and increase participation and motivation? If you have never experienced social loafing in a team, answer from a hypothetical perspective.

(b) What is the relationship between cohesion and performance? In what types of teams would there be more of a positive relationship (in what teams would it be more likely for cohesion to lead to increased performance)?

(c) To what extent do you think your own self-efficacy toward teamwork affects your attitudes about working in teams?

  1. The response reflects a clear understanding of the question and reflects critical thinking and the application of appropriate concepts/ideas from the course
  2. The response reflects critical thinking and original ideas, not answers directly out of the textbook or another outside source
  3. The response has an appropriate length, which should be more than 8-10 lines
  4. The response is well written, reflecting clarity of thought, as well as correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  5. The response appropriately cites (i.e., using APA guidelines) any outside sources, including the course text, that were used in formulating the response
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