System Project Managemnt ( HR Systems )

Business Finance

1- Write the scope statement for the selected project. Your scope statement must include :

  • Specific objectives
  • Cost
  • Duration
  • Proposed technology that will used in the project

2- Read the article Improve Project Success with Better Scope Management by Avneet Mathur which highlights the key aspects needed to consider while capturing the scope of the project. Wil attach the artical.

3- For the project selected in task (a), perform a detail risk analysis. Your risk analysis must include but not limited to the following

  • Risk identification.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Risk control & mitigation.

4- Identify any two Open Source Project Management tools and present a synopsis showing a comparison between the two. Highlight Features, Developer Details, Strengths and weakness of the PM tools under consideration in your own words.

5-The assignment should not be more the 13 pages.

6- Similarity should be 0%

7-references and citations required.

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