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You’re considering whether to apply for a headquarters job at Galaxy Global Express (GGE), which competes with FedEx and UPS in the market for express delivery services. Researching GGE, you found the following quotes from executives, employees, and financial analysts. Indicate whether each quote reflects high motivation, high morale, low motivation, or low morale.

“I feel energized when I go to work, because GGE gives me a great deal of freedom to apply my knowledge and make decisions when problems arise.”

“My coworkers and I worry about GGE’s financial stability. We’re not sure our jobs are safe, and many coworkers call in sick so they can go on job interviews with other firms.”

“Although I like my manager and my peers, task assignments are so repetitive and projects are so boring that I do the minimum amount of work I can get away with.”

“The people in my department are very enthusiastic about their jobs, and turnover is lower than in other departments.”

Digging deeper before your interview, you learned more about GGE’s employee policies and programs. Use the drop down menu to match each item in the following list with the corresponding level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Employees who successfully complete unusually challenging work assignments are honored at the annual holiday banquet.

New employees receive generous health and life insurance coverage starting 30 days after they join the company.

GGE offers numerous educational courses for employees who want to sharpen their skills or add to their knowledge.

Employees can order free lunch from the company’s cafeteria and take snacks back to their desks.

GGE sponsors free clubs for employees who want to participate in group hikes, ski races, and other activities.

You’ve just left your interview with GGE. Reviewing your notes, you can see that the company is applying Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. Using the drop down menu, categorize each item from your notes as either a motivation factor or a hygiene factor.

GGE strives to pay employees more than the competition.

GGE employees are promoted quickly as they demonstrate the ability to assume additional responsibilities.

GGE uses 360-degree performance evaluation to determine how peers and subordinates get along with each other.

GGE uses “employee of the week” awards to honor outstanding job performance.

GGE sponsors free clubs for employees who want to participate in group hikes, ski races, and other activities.

GGE’s offices are spacious enough to allow for private, quiet work spaces for all.

You began work at Galaxy Global Express last month, as an assistant director of employee training. You and your team of 10 employees provide orientation for new employees and hold skill-building training workshops every week for current employees. You’re also responsible for motivating your subordinates to perform well on their own and as part of a team. Using the drop down menu, decide what type of reinforcement you will use in each of the following situations.

Glen is such an enthusiastic trainer that he often runs over his allotted time during a workshop, usually only by a few minutes. Employees who attend the trainings have tight schedules and must return to work, so a few have been quietly slipping out after the scheduled ending time.

Ellen recently submitted a detailed outline of a new training program that will be needed when GGE switches to a new cloud computing system later this year. She included many creative ideas that will make it faster and easier for employees to learn to use the new system.

Barbara has been making nasty personal remarks to coworkers for months. Yesterday a coworker reported that Barbara’s comments were so offensive and inflammatory that he is going to lodge a formal complaint with a government agency.

As the director of training with a staff of 26 trainers, you have the opportunity to apply a variety of motivation techniques. Which of the following statements about different motivation techniques are true and which are false?

FedEx can use job redesign to cultivate the worker-job match and motivate workers by presenting more variety and challenge.

FedEx can use management by objectives to empower employees so they work hard to achieve individual goals that top management has set.

FedEx can use behavior modification to empower high-performance employees to achieve specific goals.

FedEx can institute flextime with a core time when all employees must be at work, to accommodate personal lifestyles.

Assume FedEx is implementing management by objectives. Using the drop down menu, select the order of the following activities for an effective MBO program.

Manager and employee determine the resources needed for the employee to accomplish the agreed-upon goals.

Top executives develop preliminary goals that are in line with the organization’s strategy and mission.

Manager meets with each employee to review the goals that have been met and the goals that have not been met, and determine reward(s) for achievement.

Top executives agree to support, approve, and participate in the MBO project.

Together, manager and employee agree on individual goals for that employee, based on the department’s and organization’s goals.

Manager meets with each employee to explain the organization’s and department’s goals and requests input on how the employee can help accomplish those goals.

Manager and employee meet regularly to review progress toward individual goals.

You are a manager at Apple, where you supervise the department that designs visual layout and fixture placement for Apple stores worldwide. Six months ago, you began a pilot program with two self-managed teams. This morning, you jotted down your comments about the pilot program. Use the drop down menu to identify which comments represent advantages and which represent disadvantages of self-managed teams.

Team members are enjoying the stimulation and creativity of varying their work tasks.

At times, team members are unsure which member will take the lead for a particular project.

Special coaching and education was needed to teach members all the tasks for which the team is responsible.

These teams are using their resources more efficiently and completing project earlier than scheduled.

Team members say they have even more positive feelings about the company and their jobs compared to how they felt before the pilots began.

You’ve invited members of several Apple departments to be involved in the problem-solving team assigned to create the new display fixture. Although you have only one month to complete this project, the team has to move through five stages of development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. Use the drop down menu to select the correct stage of group development for each statement.

The team is working in harmony and focusing to accomplish its goals.

Members are getting to know each other and some conflict may occur as they develop goals.

With the project completed on time, the team disbands.

The team meets for the first time and a group dynamic begins to emerge.

Members recognize the roles of others and develop a sense of unity as the group stabilizes.

The problem-solving team you formed at Apple is struggling to gain cohesiveness. Of the following statements about this aspect of teamwork, which are true and which are false?

As team members become more familiar with each other, their frequent interaction helps to build cohesiveness.

Hearing a senior manager praise the team’s progress or accomplishment can strengthen the team’s cohesiveness.

If the team has to compete with another team for recognition, the conflict can detract from cohesiveness.

Larger teams are more cohesive because roles are clearer and the work is shared by more people.

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