SCM610 American International Week 3 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co Paper

Business Finance

Read and analyze one of the case studies below. Provide a background of the study as your introduction. Repeat each question as your main headings as you answer each part completely. Utilize at least one course reference and two outside references to support your statements. All writing assignments must follow APA guidelines, such as: headings/sub-headings, referencing, quoting, paraphrasing, writing style and formatting. Do not include an abstract or table of contents for this short assignment.

If help is needed in this area, contact the NU’s writing center immediately. Students should use National University’s digital library for proper peer-reviewed papers as references.Required for Question #1 below:

– For supplier information, see National University Library, under Business Resources (see ) – select the tab “Industry Information,” then select the “Mergent Online” database.

— Search for these companies by using the names “Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co ” (ticker=HPE) or “Flex Ltd” (ticker=FLEX).

— Once in the database, click on the SUPPLY CHAIN tab for their supply chain data.

— Once you access the supply chain for your company, select a sub-sector or just click SUPPLIERS in the top menu.

– Don’t mix external Supply Chain Member companies with internal functions.

– Don’t mix cross-functional Processes with the individual functions themselves.


  1. Who are the key supply chain members?
    • Describe their roles as responsibilities as they relate to the supply chain.
    • What are their key activities within Product Development and Commercialization in the process/function matrix?
  2. How was Product Development and Commercialization applied to this situation?
    • Which functions played a key role in Product Development and Commercialization process of the supply chain?
  3. How was Returns management applied to this situation?
    • If not addressed, how would you implement Returns management?
    • What strategies would you use in your implementation processes?
  4. What recommendations do you have for further implementation of the Supply Chain Management processes within this particular supply chain?
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