Samsung Electronics Case: Analysis Briefing

Business Finance

The briefing should be no longer than 2 pages, single spaced with 12 point font and 1” margins. An additional appendix of ONE page is permitted as well. Any appendix must show necessary material, such as charts, tables or graphs that directly support your analysis.

Please use ONLY the material in the case (btw, there are excel versions of the Case Exhibits in the coursepack, listed as supplementary material). No outside information (news articles, internet material, etc) is needed NOR SHOULD BE CONSULTED when developing your brief. This is an individual assignment though you may discuss some ideas with the other students in the class, it is expected each student will do their own analysis and writing.

Please address the following issues in your report on the Samsung Case:

What was Samsung’s overall cost advantage in DRAMs in the case? Explain how you reached that answer. What are the main sources of a cost advantage for Samsung? Does Samsung also have an overall price premium on DRAMs in 2003? Provide evidence for this conclusion.

Since you are limited to 2 pages, assume the reader is familiar with the case background and focus on necessary facts to support your analysis. The paper should be written as a brief from a consultant to industry executives. Be focused and convincing. Typically the brief will start out too long and the best reports are then pared down to the most cogent points.

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