Business Finance

This case study is for Business Property and Liability Risk Management.

Earthquakes present a major exposure to business. A severe earthquake can result in significant damage to business property and business disruption.

As recent earthquakes across the world have demonstrated, there is a strong need to better prepare for earthquakes and to consider changes in construction and business operations to minimize business losses resulting from them.

  • What areas of the United States are most prone to earthquake losses?
  • Identify and evaluate building construction techniques that can reduce the cost of earthquake losses?
  • Are there other loss control steps that can be taken by society to reduce the cost of earthquake damage and resulting loss of business income?
  • Present a proposed loss control program for earthquake loss prevention and reduction. Make sure you identify what steps or programs you recommend and explain who will implement these steps or programs and how they will be implemented?
  • Explain how your program should be funded and how the benefits of your program justify your proposed expenditures.


  • Paper length:8 page minimum, 12 page maximum; 12 point font—double-spaced
  • Paper sections
    • Title Page, including: (1) paper title, (2) course number and name, (3) instructor, (4) your name, and (5) date submitted
    • Executive Summary: This is a 1-2 paragraph overall summary of your paper.
    • Discussion and analysis: Cover all the individual topic areas set out above, each of which should be labeled with an appropriate subject heading.
    • Works Cited: List all secondary sources consulted in preparing this paper.
    • Attachments (if any). You may append any relevant attachment to the paper, and you should refer to these attachments in the body of your paper.
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