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According to The Reading(in attachment files)The Botany Of Desire – Michael Pollan: Chapter 4 Desire: Control / Plant: The Potato

1.How many times per week do you eat a potato product? Which potato products do you eat per week? Why do you eat them?

2.What does Pollan believe the experience of the sublime has to do with the experience of nature? (183-184)

3.How does Pollan use the word “unsustainable” on page 191? How do you personally understand the term sustainability?

4.What role did the potato play in European history? (201)

5.Do you think that everything in life boils down to money? Depending on your answer, what role does control have with our relationship with money? For example, potatoes are seen as cheap food, both historically and presently. What if potatoes were the only food you could afford to eat? How would that affect your relationship between control and money? Why does it seem that people who lack money have terrible diets? Why can’t nutritious food be affordable for all? Why should income hold us hostage when it comes to taking care of our basic needs like our daily diet?

for each question, answers can be several sentence, no more than 5 sentence for question 1-4, for question 5, one paragraph answer is enough

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