Purdue Global University Introduction to Management unit 5 Assignment

Business Finance

Discussion Topic:

You have been called in to perform an internal audit for the manufacturing department in your company, PG Industries. The new department VP, Laine Finnegan, has expressed concerns that the department is lacking clear goals, so she is unsure how to tell if the work they are doing is contributing to the overall mission of the organization. Finnegan says she would like understand where the department stands in terms of efficiency of operations, so she is asking for your help in understanding how quickly products are manufactured, what the defect rate is, and if all staff have appropriate training.

Using the material from Chapter 14 of the text, select one of Finnegan’s concerns and address the following questions in your response:

  • Describe the steps in a formal control process.
  • What goal would you select to evaluate in this process?
  • What control could you use to measure progress toward the goal?
  • If you realized that performance was not matching expectations, what steps might you take to get things back on track? Be as specific and concrete as possible
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