pricing strategy 8

Answer quesitons:

1.If a partnership with a local partner, school, or agency is advised, what organizations would be the best candidates for such partnership (list at least three, with contacts, descriptions, and tips for how to approach them)?

2.What is the optimal way to charge for the training programs like those offered by Dart Drones? Should it be a fixed price per course, or a different model would fit better with the regulations and culture of the new market and would ensure higher market penetration (subscription, membership, group pricing, repeat customer discounts, installment payments, etc.), and corresponds well with the marketing strategy suggested earlier?

For first question, search some partnerships in different areas(Agriculture, Landscaping, Social media, Universities) in Canada markets, and following the question.

For second question, my teammates already write down some description of previows pricing strategy. Think about new pricing strategy and following the question give the description.

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