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Hey Prowork,

This is not a strange assignment for you. You started it already, but I need you to look over the instructions and rubric files attached to this email. It is a literature review on the same topic you proposed to me, “Talent Management In Health Care”. This has to be 12 pages with atleast 10 scholarly sources. I don’t like quotations. You have to paraphrase and meke sure plagiarism. The format for this is in the instructions attached to this email. Meaning that you have to focus on a paper that was published on the topic, with over 10 scholarly sources. Most of your sources must be less than or equal to 5yrs.

Also, if possible you need to identify any gaps in the paper and make a resounding conclusion, one that will enhance the topic or the paper on the topic. You have to do something for real!

See attachments. Remember, your paper will be checked, so I don’t need just a small paragraph on a page. You pages must be deserving. Do not create big spaces on a page. You must write

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