Personal Home page

Design a simple, visually pleasant, personal webpage that could serve as your online resume/portfolio, using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. Recommended
Recommended Procedure: 1. Download Bootstrap from 2.Spend some time browsing the Bootstrap site and associated documentation and examples. 4. Choose an example from Bootstrap -started/ #examples and download it. Adjust paths, etc. on your local project folder to ensure that the example works as intended. Test it! 5. Consider using the example as a starting point for your page. 6. Select a Bootstrap template that youd like to use for your site. Suggested sites include:  or Once youre happy with the design, start populating your page with contents (text, images, links, videos, buttons, etc.). 7. Test your page after every significant change/addition. 8. Once youve reached a point where your page is complete and fully functional in the browser of your choice (Chrome), prepare the final package (single zip all that is needed, and nothing else). Your page should contain meaningful text, images, links, etc.

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