Pepperdine University Leadership Qualities Social Event Presentation

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The requirement of the group work is:

Purpose: To effectively launch your team’s potential to maximize communication, team processes, interaction, planning, productivity and effectiveness. The social event you plan and execute together, followed by the documentation (written summary, artifacts, photos, etc.) and in class presentation (12-15 mins) of related events and key team learning will also serve will be presented and discussed in your Class session September 16 and posted under “assignments” on September 16 by 11:55pm.

Deliverables: The following elements are required in your deliverable:

  • A written executive summary of no more than 2 double spaced pages, describing your social event with an overview of your team’s learning outcomes from the event.
  • A 12-15 minute visually engaging oral presentation that includes your team’s discussion on its goals, roles, decision-making process, etc.

It’s a team work for my leadership class, we choose to go to the universal studios in hollywood with the team member. We had a lot of fun in there, we have one leader and our run as one to decide everything, we was eating lunch together.

My presentation part is the team “positivity.” Could you help me think about that what’s the positivity in the group activity can be show in universal studios?

Just help me to write a half page of the paper about the positivity, and 1 slide ppt, and speech draft based on the paper and slide.

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