opportunity costs and sunk costs.

Business Finance

What are the primary qualities that make revenues and costs relevant to a decision? Discussion, compare, and contrast opportunity costs and sunk costs.

Why is identifying relevant information in the decision-making process so important? Include a Biblical reference(s) into your response. Remember that this does not simply mean list a Bible verse in addition to your response.

  1. Provide a supported response in your own words* to the discussion topic/question given for your initial post. *Any substantial copying and pasting from any source without quotations marks and referencing will result in severe grade penalties on the total grade. Quoting a source is, of course, acceptable. However, paraphrasing is preferable.
  2. One scripture reference with application to your post is required for the post.
  3. Two peer-reviewed scholarly references are needed for the post
  4. 200 to 400 words
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