one sample hypothesis test

For this assignment, conduct a one-sample hypothesis test (i.e., see chapter 9 for examples). The questions are limitless! For instance: On average, how many cups of coffee do you think people drink each day? How far do you think the average commute to work is? How many hours, on average, do you think people sleep each night? These are some of the questions you can attempt to answer with a one-sample hypothesis test. But don’t just rely on my examples, be creative!

For this assignment, test any hypothesis, using a sample of at least n = 10, and an alpha level of .05.

  1. List your null and alternative hypotheses, in notation form and in plain English.
  2. Run the hypothesis test
    • Indicate your critical value(s) of t from the t distribution table
    • Indicate your estimated standard error and test statistic (tcalc)
    • State your conclusion based on the hypotheses from #1.
  3. Calculate and interpret estimated a measure of effect size (est. Cohen’s d or r2).
  4. Calculate a 95% confidence interval to estimate the population mean.
  5. Write a conclusion statement for this hypothesis test, as would appear in a published report.
  6. Include one table or graph to help visualize your raw data.
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