one page research paper outline

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Instructions: You have been thinking about your research paper since the beginning of the course and it is time to submit your outline for grading. Please complete your outline as follows:

For the research paper, I would caution you to also follow the directions closely. In other words, you should be sure to follow each dictate of the assignment, and without fail do each of the following:1)Select an American gang and 2) describe its history, 3) influence across the country, 4) criminal activities, 5) racial makeup 6) and any other information you find interesting about the gang you chose to write about.

Your outline should be about one page in length and should describe in short sentences the flow of your paper. It should list the steps in order of how you are going to present your paper. You should have 3-5 general headings with 2-3 sub-headings under each general heading. Use an APA resource or Internet search to review examples of outlines.

As you consider topics it’s a good idea to review the Grading Rubric for that assignment so you cover all the requirements.

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