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I have an assignment about Negotiation I was A Seller in this Negotiation.

The post-negotiation analysis will allow you to reflect on your in-class negotiation exercises. It helps you identify both successful and failed strategies and allows you to better prepare for future negotiations. In the analysis, you will describe your perceptions and significant insights gained from negotiation exercises. The discussion should focus on analysis and insights rather than narrative (i.e. what happened). Although not an exhaustive list, here are a few examples of the type of issues that you could address:

Who controlled the negotiation and how did they do it?

(I was a seller. (Both controlled ) I start with 20 million and the buyer start with 9 million. We end with 18 million.)

What were the critical factors that affected the negotiation situation and outcomes and what can you say about these factors in general?

(Time and cost of a new building, also the workforce.)

How did the negotiation context differ from other exercises, and what new factors did this context highlight?

What did you learn about yourself from this experience?

What did you learn about the behavior of others?

What did you learn about bargaining and conflict from this situation?

What would you do the same or differently in the future, or how would you like to behave in order to perform more effectively?

in the attachment:

* my assignment

* the original case.

* examples of how other students did the assignment.

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