MGT101 LAVC Team Bonding And Management Solutions In Organisation

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For questions 1-4, indicate how you would handle each situation by writing down the exact words you would say.

1. Two of your team members, Jean Morton and Taylor Lester, are hard-nosed people who often compete for attention. They often argue with each other as a way to get the spotlight. This meeting you’re conducting is no exception. After stating the problem and requesting alternatives from the group, you have a good idea who the first two to make comments will be. Morton gives the first alternative. Lester gives his alternative, which is, of course, quite different from Morton’s. Morton mounts a counterattack by defending her own proposal. As she speaks, you can see by Lester’s body language he is preparing his own counteroffensive.

2. One of your team members, Ernie Statler, is especially long winded. He always stretches what could be said in 10 seconds to a minute or more. The meeting has now lasted about 10 minutes and Statler has already spoken four or five times. You can see the boredom on everyone’s face as he interrupts another member and gets set to talk again. You must intervene.

3. As your meeting moves along, Ann Stiles and Harry Curran have become distracting. They have whispered a few comments to each other, and you have noted some other team members’ raised eyebrows and glances cast in their direction. Harold Rodriguez, one of your quiet, soft-spoken members, has the floor as Stiles and Curran continue their private conversation. It’s time you intervened.

4. It’s now about 35 minutes into the meeting, and someone in the group makes a comment about the upcoming big football game tomorrow between the state’s two large college arch rivals. Several members chime in with comments. Your group has some strong fans pulling for each school; several members are going as a group to see the game. They would obviously rather talk football than the subject at hand. You need to have them refocus.

5. Research or create a team bonding activity to be done at the next meeting.

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