MGMT640 Colorado Technical NetSuite and SAP ERP Software Brands Discussion

Business Finance

the executive has asked the team to create a decision tree for the implementation of ERP software. Research two brands of ERP software that Smitheford could use to improve its performance. In the decision tree, analyze the possible effects that the implementation of each brand of ERP software may have on Smitheford’s operations. In a single word document, address the following:

Provide an overview of two brands of ERP software to the executive.

Create a decision tree diagram that includes both brands of ERP software, analyzes key implementation questions, and describes the action outcomes for the executive.

Using the decision tree diagram that you created, choose one brand of ERP software to recommend to the executive and describe why it should be implemented.

  • You need to research two brands of ERP Software that Smitheford could use to improve performance.
  • Create a decision tree and/or decision matrix comparing the brands for the key criteria for evaluation.
  • Provide an analysis for key implementation questions from each team.
  • Choose on of the software brands you analyzed and provide a recommendation to management. WHY did you recommend this over the other?

I have attached a powerpoint for some example that need to be assignment should look like

of there is any questions let me know at least 4 pages

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