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, go to Apple company’s website ( iPhons) just phons products. Identify 2 products that you believe are targeting different segments. For these two products find an online retailer selling these, or go to a brick and mortar store that sells them and observe.

Based on what you see/observe develop a segmentation profile of each of the segments. What do each of the companies (the manufacturer and the seller) do with each of the products to target the different segments?

In the paper first identify the segmentation criteria, or what characteristics are important (such as lifestyle, demographics and which, occasion, and so on). Then using those, specifically describe the target market.

For example, in looking at the difference between Aldi’s and Wegman’s the fact that you find products in cartons at Aldi’s and on nice shelving at Wegman’s tells me something. If I look at the characteristics – lifestyle is one. More specifically, Aldi targets those with a thrifty lifestyle and Wegman’s is more about prestige. Or, what would be the difference in targets between Macy’s and Walmart or Nordstrom’s? What about the different stores reflects the different segments.

I want you to use the variables to describe each of the segments.

I prefer someone who good in marketing major do the paper.

again the company is ( apple ) don’t write about iPads or laptops ( only phons products )

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