Makes-You-Better case

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Makes-You-Better is based on a fairness opinion that I did for an acquisition. The acquirer was a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company. The target, Makes-You-Better, was a privately held pharmaceutical company located in Eastern Europe.

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Makes-You-Better Case

The case presents two scenarios with valuation results from using trading multiples and from using discounted cash flow. Take the analysis given to you as correct and use as little or as much of it as you like to estimate the value of Makes-You-Better. Please note that not all steps are shown in some of the analysis, so focus on using the analysis provided rather than trying to verify the calculations.

Write up your answer as a one-page memo (typed, double-spaced 12-point font, one-inch margins). Use the questions at the end of the case to guide your answer. Write clearly, using proper grammar and punctuation. You do not need to replicate a lot of analysis in this assignment, but if you do use Excel for any reason, any analysis needs to be produced in your MS Word document. You should upload only one Word file containing the text of your report plus exhibits. Submit your report and then post it in the discussion area. Review all of the reports and compare them to your analysis. No response is necessary.

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