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For this assignment, your Policy Task Force (your team) will survey actual people (your “stakeholders”) using the survey your team created last week. Each team member will need to obtain responses to the survey from at least three members of their chosen stakeholder group. Each team member must choose a different stakeholder to survey.

“Stakeholders” are members of the community that have an interest in your chosen policy topic. Members of the community that might have an interest in your policy include local, state and federal politicians, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, correctional officers and administrators, law enforcement officers and administrators, victims, law-abiding citizens, parents, merchants, teachers, the media, emergency personnel or offenders (this list is not exclusive). In choosing your stakeholder, take into consideration who you will realistically be able to get to take your survey (depending on your family, friends, employment, etc.).

For example, if there is a learning team with three members, one member might survey three police officers, one team member might survey three parents and one team member might survey three judges.

Although the surveys can be completed anonymously, those completing the survey will need to identify their relevant background and experience so that their “stake” in this policy can be easily ascertained.

Your team will turn in a summary of your survey results for grading. Your summary should consist of the question asked, immediately followed by either the actual answers given (if the questions were open ended) or a tally of the answers given (if the questions were yes/no, true/false or multiple choice). The responses must be divided by stakeholder group in the summary. You can use any format you choose for your summary

(i.e., chart, graph, written responses), as long as I can see the questions asked and how the individuals in each stakeholder group answered the questions (so results can be compared between stakeholders).

Attached is the questions on deterring drunk driving, for my part i choose teachers to survey……please read directions carefully and put the info into a summary. also include any references!

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