jrn 3360 broadcast news writing 1

What is your opinion on the lack of White House Press Briefings? Should they continue as they have been held in the past, be held again but tweaked in some way, or are they antiquated and need to be retired for good?

Also, now that social media is a part of people’s lives that it seems they cannot live without, how can journalists utilize social media to reach their potential target audiences? What have you learned throughout the semester using Twitter to analyze and promote the news? What trends, dialogues, or interactions have you noticed on the platform?

In addition, provide your thoughts on social media’s impact on the Coronavirus. How might the reaction of the world been different without social media? Did it make people take it more seriously? Did it fan the flames of fear?

Put your name at the top of the paper and upload it here. You will also submit it through the Turnitin plagiarism checker. It will check you against previous student submissions, as well as online material. Therefore, if you use a source, be sure to cite it. You will write this essay using proper spelling and grammar (not broadcast style.)

Your essay must be no fewer than 750 words.


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