Application Tool (10 points)

Many of you will be involved in decisions related to the selection of hardware/software for a

fictitious organization (describe organization & industry). As executives, we need to look

beyond the CNet & PC Magazines reviews and seek to examine these things in terms of

value for the organization and cost benefits. For this assignment you will choose to

compare one set the following products, hands-on (you are not to just read about them,

you must try them out). Choose one:

1. Microsoft Office & Google Docs

2. Apple iPhone & Android Phones

3. Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar System

4. Blockchain & Ethereum

5. Select Two Different APPs (for comparable application such as Zoom and

Skype) to Compare

You will compare based on functionality for a business setting, initial cost maintenance costs, and other tangible & intangible criteria you have established. Proof of hands on interaction might include photos, screen shots, a scanned business card etc. Submit the completed work in Word 2003-2007, 2010, 2013, 2017 or pdf format through the integrated Assignment.

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