Iowa Western Japan Faces an Urgent Need to Develop Autonomous Transport Article Discussion

Business Finance


Each student will have the opportunity to present a current news article(s) relevant to transportation sometime during

the semester. The student will receive a maximum of 150 class points for completing the presentation.


1. Find a news article(s) written within 9 months of the presentation day that is relevant to transportation. Have

fun with this! Many industries and organizations use transportation of some type, so look for something of

interest to you (e.g., sports, hobbies, favorite restaurants, past jobs, the company you hope to work for

someday, etc.)

2. Print the article(s) to turn in.

3. Present the article(s) to your classmates. This should be a brief presentation (5 minutes) and should

include the


What are the key points in the article including an identification of the key players in the supply chain?

Why is the article important? How does it relate to class? How does it relate to or impact


Why should your classmates or those in industry care?

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