intervention project west nile virus 1

Individual write-up intervention project of a public education/awareness campaign to be completed. This brief, written paper should include the following elements:

  1. Introduction/Recap and Outreach Description – Describe your topic (West Nile Virus) and what you propose for your community outreach/education campaign.
  2. Goals and Objectives – Being as specific as possible identify the three main Goals of your project and the Objectives you will use to accomplish them, for example:
      1. Goal: Increase Recycling in the Dormitories by 20%

i. Objective 1: Education campaign with flyers

ii. Objective 2: Pizza night competition

iii. Objective 3: Change collection bin location and size

  1. Personal Engagement – Reflecting on what you learn from researching the issue and analyzing it from a systems analysis perspective, develop some type of personal engagement effort around this topic. Encouraging personal engagement in the target audience could take a variety of forms:
    1. Personal actions
    2. Group actions
    3. Policy changes
      1. The more specific you can make the suggestions, the more points you will receive. For example, provide some information on clearinghouses that help people take action, actual websites were they can write to policy makers, numerical examples of the impacts their behavior changes could have, etc.
  2. Funding Needs –Provide an estimate of the funding that would be required to complete your project. Almost all projects will have at least the following budget categories:
    1. Salaries/Benefits
    2. Equipment
    3. Supplies and Services
    4. Travel

The Semester Project Will Be Evaluated On These Criteria

Intellectual Content – How well researched and referenced is this effort? Is a systems analysis approach clearly utilized to both analyze the problem and develop a solution? How creative was the systems analysis of the issues and was this analysis used to offer potential solutions that could bring about meaningful change? Was the effort well-written and clear?

Integration of system thinking and climate change topic with health outcomes.

Professional, Accessible, and Clear Explanations and Writing – Were the final products delivered in an effective and professional manner? Is the content clear? Were all of the required content areas addressed?

Meaningful Personal Engagement – Was the project meaningfully engaging? Is it apparent that some effort and care went into the development and delivery of the project? In other words, was the effort genuine and meaningful?

Timeliness of Completion and Delivery – Is the project on time? This will impact all other evaluation areas.

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