industrial safety project

Project Topics:

1.The impact of applying ergonomics on injury reduction in manufacturing


First, you are required to find one journal paper related to the selected topic. Then, you are required to conduct a literature review related to the selected topic. The literature review should cover a wide range of papers that addressed the selected topic. Then, you are required to describe the problem statement of the paper that you found initially. Then describe the methods that were used in this paper, followed by the results of applying the method. After that discuss these results and their implications in industry and finally write a conclusion.

Report format:

Please use Times New Roman 12 point with single line spacing. Do not leave unnecessary spaces between paragraphs, figures or tables. The report should be about 10 pages. You report should include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Literature review, Problem statement, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.


Will be graded based on: how comprehensive your literature review is, how relevant you are to the selected topic, following the instructions and format in the report, number of references being used, number of pages, and how neat and organized your report is. Plagiarisms and copying are not allowed and will remarkably downgrade you.

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