individual assignment 15

select any company you would like and do marketing analysis of how they are trying to promote themselves. This will be a 4 page (double spaced) minimum and 6 sources minimum paper based upon their current MARKETING MIX (Ch. 8).

You will need:

  1. Company Background: explaining who the company is and what they sell
  2. Select a SPECIFIC product they are currently marketing
  3. Determine their current advertising MESSAGE for the product
  4. Research their Advertising Strategy…where and what are they doing right now (TV, Radio, Internet, etc.).
  5. Sales Promotion Strategy…where and what are they doing right now.
  6. Personal Selling Strategy…is it sold one on one like a car or boat or tv…or not?
  7. Public Relations…what is their message and how are they putting it out. What internet resources do they have available for consumers to interact with the company?
  8. Summarize your findings about their Marketing Mix.
  9. Include the link or picture of their best advertisement you found.
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