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You have been employed as a consultant by the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra. The organization has been in existence for 35 years; but, despite its longevity, attendance is not always adequate to meet the LSO’s financial needs. Additional financial assistance comes from individual donors and local companies. This campaign will have one overriding objective: to improve community engagement in the LSO as evidenced by increased regular attendance at concerts and events.

One of the problems experienced by the organization is variance in attendance from one event to another. Some events, such as the annual holiday concert, draw a fairly good crowd. Other concerts have lower attendance. Another problem is that the LSO does not have a regular home. In some seasons, each concert is held at a different location. In other seasons, the LSO uses the same venue for all events. For example, during the 2017-2018 season, the LSO will use the auditorium of a local high school.

The LSO presently promotes its concerts and events through a few simple methods, such as posts on Facebook and information on the Lynchburg Tickets website. The organization also has its own website that provides pertinent information about the LSO and a list of concerts for the year. At present, the LSO features a four-concert season that begins in the summer and ends in mid- spring. The organization also has other events, including partnering with local organizations. In addition, LSO musicians periodically provide educational programs in schools.

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