HRER860 Penn State University Moral Absolutism and Moral Relativism Essay

Business Finance

The commentary provided the following example of how differing moral values might manifest themselves in the context of HR.

An HR manager at the Calcutta (India) subsidiary of a multi-national corporation believes that she has an inherited duty (dharma) to protect and serve the interests of the less fortunate. Consequently, she is reluctant to terminate an employee who has stolen company property to feed his family.

  1. In an essay of between 750 and 1000 words based on the text and e-reserve readings in this lesson, compare and contrast how an HR manager might address the issue of “an employee who has stolen company property to feed his family” in China, Saudi Arabia and the United States.
  2. Based on your analysis, how did the readings change your personal perspective on how you would traditionally address similar issues in HR?
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