How do I write an overview?

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Resources: Project Charter which was created by the Learning Team in Week 2.

Prepare a Project Management Plan

Write a 1,300-word paper composed of the following sections:

  • Project Selection Criterion: Describe the project and the criteria used in the selection process (discuss how you selected the type of house/structure you intend to build)
  • My question is how do I go about writing the overview?????????????????????????????????????????.
  • Overview: The objective of this section is to provide an overview of the scope and nature of the project.
  • Project schedule: The objective of this section is to show a project schedule with the project tasks including the primary deliverables and the activities associated with them.You must utilize Microsoft® Project for your Project schedule. Note: you should have enough tasks/subtasks in your Plan to complete the project (i.e. please don’t give me something like just 6 tasks with one or two subtasks under each Main Task and assume that this is adequate to really plan a project). Please just provide general concepts that you can think of as tasks to build a home…I am not asking you to do research on how to be a professional home builder. You should also use correct naming of tasks/subtasks, predecessors (i.e. linking tasks), appropriate start/finish times, resources (people) associated with tasks, don’t overallocate resources, etc. While this is developed in MS Project you must address the Project Schedule with words/discussion in your paper.
  • Summarize the milestones and tasks that must be accomplished to achieve the project goals. Include a discussion of the critical path and what tasks are on it.
  • Develop a high-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) detailing tasks, dependencies, resources. Note: the WBS will be created as a hierarchy chart and will be included in your paper (can just insert in WBS discussion section of the paper). You must include a discussion with the WBS chart.
  • Budgetary plan: The objective of the budget section is to capture cost estimates, which include resources, capital expenses, materials, and miscellaneous. The cost analysis must consider the following elements (at a minimum): labor, subcontractors, rental or purchase of equipment or facilities, travel, telecommunications, supplies and materials, and documentation. The Budgetary Plan will be a table/MS Excel insert into your paper and must include a discussion of the Budgetary Plan.
  • Use Microsoft® Word for your overview.
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