HFT3444 Central Florida Hospitality Technology Smarter Hotels & Restaurant Paper

Business Finance

This study includes customer engagement technologies (CETs), chronicling adoption and impact while forecasting future trends and opportunities to help hospitality leaders navigate an ever-changing landscape. CETs refer to the guest-facing technologies and applications used throughout each phase of the guest lifecycle to interact with guests and support the guest experience. They are used to engage and serve customers, enhance service experiences, generate loyalty, and lead to increased profitability, market share, and distinctiveness.

– Write a minimum three page summary (double space, times new roman, 12 pts) of the Lodging Report (Points will be deducted if your summary is not minimum three pages).

– At the end of your summary, include a half-page conclusion including your critique, recommendations, suggestions etc. section with your own words. Your submission file must contain at least 3.5 pages including your critique.

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