heart failure case study 2

Answer the questions based on what you have read and the following pages and resources. Submit your answers as a Word or PDF document using the submit link on Canvas. (I have attached the docoment that contains everything!)

1.There are many factors that can contribute to left ventricle heart failure. Based on what you have read above and after reviewing Mark’s history, life style and physical examination, what risk factors do you think are contributing to Mark’s heart failure and should be addressed as treatment?

2.The echocardiogram reveals a low ejection fraction and dilated left ventricle. What do the results of this test tell you about the efficiency of the heart?

3.The x-ray shows an enlarged heart and edema around the lungs. What is the cause of the edema of the lungs and throughout the body?

4.Why would a change in MAP and blood distribution due to heart failure cause body fatigue?

5.BNP is elevated in Mark’s blood. What effect does BNP have on blood volume and pressure and how does it achieve this?

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