environmental assignment 6

For this assignment, you will read through the first power point on land description, and then visit a land source in the environment! Based on what you see, you will provide the information based on the grading description below.


In a word document, provide the following information to receive our participation credit (50 points total)

1.)Tell me what land source you visited (5 points)

2.)Tell me which type of land source based on the ones described is the one you visited. For those of you in class during this lecture, you don’t need to complete this part. Just mention in one sentence that you were in class (5 points)

3.)Describe what you are observing in and around the land source in 5-6 sentences. What is the color? Is there pollution around? Do you see wildlife? Is this what you expected to see? (15 points)

4.)Do some research online to see if you can find any additional interesting information on the specific land source you visited. If not specific, find some interesting pieces of information on the type of land you visited that expand beyond what was listed in the lecture. Summarize your findings in 5-6 sentences and include the sources of information you used for this. For those of you in class for lecture, you don’t need to complete this section. Just mention in one sentence that you were in class for this lecture (15 points)

5.)Take a picture of your land source and include that in your assignment! (10 points)

I need you to write about a land source in Maryland, US

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