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In our course thus far, we’ve laid the foundation: we’ve addressed the scope of HR, major trends impacting the field, equal employment opportunity and workplace safety, work analysis, and workforce planning. This week, we are studying how to select employees and place them in jobs.

It is important to remember at this point in the course that everything we are learning builds upon what has gone before. In other words, equal employment opportunity (and the plethora of laws on this subject) and workforce planning are integral to hiring employees, which is what we are addressing this week.

For this week’s online content discussion, please respond to the following prompts:

Define and explain the concepts of “reliability” and “validity” as they are utilized in employee hiring. Why is it important that testing instruments be both reliable and valid? Why is having a reliable and valid test important to ensure equal employment opportunity? What is the connection?

You’ll want to respond with a thorough answer to the question (400 – 500 words).

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