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question :For you personally, what do you think the most important practice/behavior you can add to your personal ethics statement to hold yourself accountable for ethical decision practices in the future. Include rationale as to why you believe this is the most important practice/behavior.


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I think a really important behavior I would use If I was facing an ethical dilemma is to be honest and be objective. Try to remove myself from the situation, and look at it from an objective point of view, as someone who doesn’t have anything invested, has a good moral compass (which I believe I do), and see what advice you could offer in the situation. Of course, easier said than done, but If you were to have a big dilemma in the future and for whatever reason are not able to share any information with anyone, trusting yourself and your ethical decision making is super important. You would want to give the best advice to a really good friend of colleague, so you can do that for yourself too. I hope I explained this right. Basically, trusting that you have a good moral compass and seeing what kind of advice you would give to a good friend, knowing the info you know, while holding yourself accountable and being honest.


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The most important practice/behavior for me to add to my ethics statement would be to try and make sure I try to value the group almost as much as I value the individual. I also think its important to make sure i look at all options of a situation before i make a decision.

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