discrimination with in the healthcare system how it effects people

The final Issue Paper will be due in Week 12. It is to be your final research paper analyzing a current legal and/or ethical issue to include the actual law, statue, regulation using its legal citation regarding health administration. Ideally, it should be grounded in your own experience and/or opinion, based on library research (mostly journals) and on actual organizational experience. If possible, an interview with a person actively concerned with this issue should be 7 part of your research. If you include an interview, please consult your APA 6th edition resources on how to cite personal communication. The final Issue Paper should be 6-8 pages (including reference page). It MUST include at least five (5) references. It must have a proper title page, headings/subheadings, and in text citations. It should follow APA 6th edition style. Be particularly careful in using and properly citing web-based resources. The library has excellent handouts on proper format for web citations using APA 6th edition. Remember that ANYONE can post material to the Internet and there is no guarantee of quality or accuracy in a lot of it. Try to get your information from reputable sources. Check our LearnOnline site for postings of new web sites. All work must be done by you and original for this course. You cannot use a paper that was used in a previous course. Interviews and organizational documents may count as references and should be properly cited and summarized. If you use interviews, please make sure you consult your APA 6th edition on how to cite personal communication. Some possible Issue Paper topics might include issues about malpractice, scope of practice questions, peer review issues, fraud and abuse, the initiation and termination of care, fiduciary obligations, the effects of hospitals forming networks, genetic screening issues, etc. Many excellent ideas can be found in the Hastings Center Report or business journals (or almost any issue of the Baltimore Sun and/or NY Times). If you examine an issue that directly affects you or your patients/clients, so much the better

below i attached the rough draft so there is an idea of what is needed

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