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1) write a 8 sentence min paragraph

Defendant Testimony (POST)

What are some of the considerations a defendant should think about before deciding whether to take the stand in their own defense at trial? What jury instructions are given about whether the defendant testifies? (Make sure you watch this week’s video before you answer this question.)

2) write a response to the students paragraph 5 sentences min. Write how you agree with their ideas and add more to it.

Students response: There are quite a few things that the defendant should consider prior to taking the stand in their own defense. That depends on the type of trial they’re in, whether or not they have priors for a similar crime. In testifying their priors criminal record is open for questioning. That can severely derail a defense attorneys claims’ of innocence, if their client is repeat offender. Was their crime high profile? That to me is a very valid point, due to the difficulty of finding juror without knowledge of the crime. What does their defendant look like also can play a role in should they take the stand. That can result in jurors passing judgement prematurely. Can the defendant fully understand court proceedings? The age of the defendant is another consideration that defense should take into consideration. Then lastly the state of mind of the defendant comes into consideration. Are they of sound mind to testify adequately? The defense wouldn’t want the defendant to admit to items that will hurt their case. The judge will inform the jury that the defendant not willing to take the stand doesn’t mean immediate guilt for the crime accus

3) Watch the video ( and

After watching the two videos about the Ohio judge who gives very creative sentences, answer the following questions:

Why do you think the judge decided to create some new and different sentences?

What types of crimes, in the judge’s opinion, sometimes warrant creative sentences? Are these defendants murderers and rapists?

Are the sentences fair? Why or why not?

Choose a sentence given by this judge that you believe would be the most effective and tell us why.

Can you think of any creative sentences for a low-level crime?

4) write a response to the students paragraph 5 sentences min. Write how you agree with their ideas and add more to it.

Students response: Hi Brianna, after watching video I also believe that the judge did this so the people can get a taste of their own medicine. The judge gave each of them a reasonable sentencing, I see this as a good thing because this also gives young teenagers who made a small mistake able to get their life straightened out. Jail time seems like a better option, but it doesn’t mean the people get to grow from it, giving them a life lesson will teach them about their actions. I also agree with the treatment should not be the same for murderers or rapists, what they did is on another level and they deserve to spend some jail time rather than letting go too easily. I believe that there isn’t much room in prisons for people to go just because they peppered sprayed someone or just because they stole a bike, jail cells should be saved for people who actually did some terribly wrong. Lastly, I like the example you provided it’s hard to get people to volunteer at shelters so people who committed any animal cruelty should spend a day taking care of animals in need.


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