cpa management

For question 1, review Section 7.1d Centralization and Decentralization.

1. Read the chapter introduction. Explain why organization must support strategy.

2. Explain in your own words which organizational structure is best in which environment:

Structure: centralized or decentralized.

Environment: fast-paced, rapid, frequent change with high uncertainty or relatively stable, little to moderate change in customer needs and wants with high certainty.

2. If you wanted to add a group of big data scientists to a large organization such as PepsiCo, would you centralize the scientists in a central bool at headquarters or decentralize them to separate divisions? Explain why with supporting argruments from the text.

For questions 2 and 3, review Section 7.1b Chain of Command.

2. What is the difference between accountability and responsibility?

3. Delegation is key to leadership – why?

4. Read Section 7.2b Divisional Approach. Describe a divisional approach to structure and provided two examples in general and then one example with a company. DO NOT USE examples provided in the book. When I say in general, use terms from the book.

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