Correspondance Assignment

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Everything is in the attachment. In short, I need three scenarios chosen and a short email, a short letter, and a short memo to the scenario. A total of four documents needs to be done. One has to be negative perspective. See attached for the scenario options to choose from. Since each event only needs to be 2 paragraphs, I’m making the page count shorter. Here’s the details:

For this assignment you’ll prepare a total of four documents. The first of those should be an informational cover memo addressed to your instructor. The memo to your instructor should explicitly name and then provide an overview of the scenarios chosen, detail the challenges encountered (during the prewriting, writing, and/or revision stages), and describe the strategies you applied when generating materials for this assignment. In other words, be sure to provide insights into what you were thinking about matters of purpose, audience, and context for each document. Use this memo to explain your thinking to your instructor; try to be as thorough as possible. Along with the cover memo, write three other documents in response to the scenarios below: an email, a letter, and an additional memo. Keep in mind that memos and emails are usually preferred for internal communications; letters are generally used when the communication is external. Each of the scenarios suggests a particular type of document to guide you in your selection. Please note, as well, that one of the documents must present negative news.

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