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The concept of the labyrinth depicts the challenges for a woman to get into a leadership position. While the glass ceiling was a barrier that did not let women get to these positions, this concept shows how difficult it is for women to get into that role. A labyrinth is basically a maze with many passages of twists and turns to get to the final ending. This perfectly explains that a woman’s journey to a leadership position is not straightforward at all. There are many challenges that occur and cause new challenges for women to get into that final position.

The relationship between trends in entrepreneurial leadership and gender is that it is harder for women to get into that leadership position because they face more obstacles when in that position. That is because they do not have the skills men do since they do not have access to the learning resources that men are given. Since men were always seen more as leaders, they were taught better in school to keep that going so men could continue to be those “good leaders” that everyone saw them as. Even though this is not accurate, women were never given the same chance due to that. They were not properly taught the skills required for entrepreneurial leadership and were basically set up to fail. This ties into the concept of the labyrinth because it is just another twist that women had to take in order to get into that leadership position and attempt to be successful.


The labyrinth and the glass ceiling are both concepts involving the prevention of women able to obtain leadership roles. However, although they focus on the same subject, they are both based off different ideations. For example, the glass barrier is an invisible barrier that prevents women from rising in leadership levels above a certain point. They can see their end goal, but it always seems to be just out of grasp. The labyrinth, however, challenges and tries to stop women no matter the specified level, it is an obstacle found in all womanly pursuits. It is best described in our class text, reading, “routes exist but are full of twists and turns, both unexpected and ex-pected… labyrinths have a viable route to the center, it is understood that goals are attainable” (Eagly & Carli, 2007, p. 64). The glass ceiling symbolizes an unknown, immovable barrier whereas the labyrinth suggests the capability to overcome a known barrier, whether expected or not, and many more.

Recent trends in entrepreneurial leadership show the shifting from individualized, generic leadership characteristics, to those seeming heroic, socialably, organizational, and diverse (Harrison, Leitch, & McAdam, 2015). The characteristics now sought out in a leader are most often present in men. They are forward, self-assertive, and aggressive, while women are seen as more nurturing and compliant. This presents a hardship for women, for they do not naturally behave in such ways. Some are praised when they do, proving to be exceptional leaders, however they can also lose respect by seeming more manly. It is a very difficult balance that leads to more men obtaining any form of leadership position more than women.

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