concert review 3 page 1

Concert Review View the music sampler on the Internet. (MUSIC SAMPLER provided below)

After you experience all of the examples in the music sampler, create your report using the guidelines in syllabus 2.

Include a selfie at your computer as evidence (optional).

Submit your report for grading.

This means that you should view all examples in the MUSIC SAMPLER and write a reaction to each performance … all of them … not just one. A paragraph about each example is satisfactory, but please include basic information stated in Syllabus 2. Be aware that the word count should be at least 400 words … but your report will probably be longer. It should take about an hour total to view ALL of the examples in the MUSIC SAMPLER. This is the length of a relatively short live concert. I’d suggest viewing the examples in the order that they appear in the MUSIC SAMPLER.

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