CGS1060 Florida State Storytelling Aspect of Artistic Expression Presentation

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  1. This assignment deals with the storytelling aspect of artistic expression. This storytelling element which is at the core of artistic expression is also heavily influenced by the culture in which the art exists. Storytelling also consists of structural elements which convey the story (setting. characters, plot, conflict, theme, narrative arc). The cultural relevance and the intended audience will also affect the composition.
  2. Explore and reveal how an artists’ work can point to society’s problems, and create the space, the awareness, and urgency to deal with the problem. Awareness of a problem is always the beginning of the resolution of it. Take one example or several in an artistic form that has made us conscious of our problems as a culture or individual and encourage to change. Art can portray this in positive or negative ways. Show me an artistic story that can be our mirror and show us the way. This can be from a historical perspective or from a current perspective
  3. Each PPT should be at least 10 slides in length.
  4. Choose from some of the following elements of composition and storytelling: Storytelling:Themes – Settings – Characters – Plot – Conflict – Narrative & Character Arches, etc.
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