Strategic Management

Strategic Management
Using the online library and the internet, research and explore organizational strategy.   
Explore the websites for the following companies: Coca-Cola, Facebook, Green Mountain Roasters, Boeing.   Using what you learned from your readings and research draw some conclusions and apply it to the following questions.  
What is the difference between an intended strategy and a realized strategy? Provide examples of each type using the companies above. 
Why is one used versus the other? 
Compare and contrast your ideas and conclusions to your classmates’ submissions.

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Critical Analysis Report

Critical Analysis Report

•Three page maximum for content.
•All submitted reports must be double-spaced using standard font (11 or 12 pt.) and page format, with an appropriate title, section headings, and page numbers.
•A rubric included in this syllabus provides the criteria for evaluating and grading all written reports


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Business Law 3

Business Law 3

Case Analysis
Burger King, the national franchise, is banned from opening a restaurant within 20 miles of Mattoon, Illinois. So, there is not a Burger King there; no problem, right? Not so fast! In the late 1950s, Gene and Betty Hoots trademarked the iconic name. Well, they trademarked it in Illinois at least. When the national company decided to open a chain close by, the Hoots sued and won their case. However, the national chain was able to keep the name Burger King, but the Hoots were also able to keep the name in accordance with the stipulation that the national chain could not open a store within a 20-mile radius of the original store in Mattoon, Illinois.
In a minimum of 500 words, explain the reasons why this decision was made, and discuss the significance of this case in U.S. trademark law jurisprudence.
For this assignment, please find one article from the CSU Online Library that discusses intellectual property; elaborate on how the article relates to the Burger King case to support your answer. Identify the main issues with copyright and trademark in the article, and explain how these issues were either upheld or overturned.
Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from the article. Use APA format.


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Topic: Economic Order Quantity

Topic: Economic Order Quantity
Topic: Economic Order Quantity Determine the Economic Order Quantity in Excel for: Price of Product: $150 Savings Rate: 12% Annual Usage: 16240 Cost of transportation: $200/order Cost of PO preparation: $60/order Warehouse Rental: $8/piece Topic: Linear Programming Develop problem 1 of chapter 8 using excel or by hand. You need to present the objective and constraints equations. No need to solve it.
Problem 1
The Waikiki Enterprise Corporation produces two types of computers at its manufacturing plant in Torrance, California. Profit on computer A is $900 per unit and for computer B it is $600. The manufacturing plant can produce not more than 50 of computer A and 100 of computer B a day. The following table displays the capacity for the manufacturing plant.

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