can you answers these short questions and write a short essay

Unit 2: Dimensions of Inequality (chapters 4-6)

Short answer: Answer all of the following questions. (5 points each)

1. List the six-part outline of the American class structure created by Gilbert and Kahl.

2. Give the 3 key determiners of social class examined in chapter 4.

3. What are the key beliefs of the culture of poverty approach?

4. To understand the glass ceiling, Rosabeth Kanter argued that one must study what three aspects of corporate structure?

Essay questions: Select one question to answer. (30 points each)


Essay 1: What are the major trends in the distribution of income over the past several decades?How do median incomes differ by race and ethnicity, by age, and by family type?

Essay 2: How has masculinity conferred both privilege and vulnerability over time?How has this affected the lives and life chances of both men and women?

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